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Enjoy the benefits of our fully equipped Mitsubishi service department on Cambridge Terrace. With factory trained techs plus the latest in diagnostic equipment.

Regular servicing is vital to maintaining your Mitsubishi.

Your Mitsubishi vehicle needs to be serviced in line with Mitsubishi’s recommended servicing intervals which are listed in your service book. 

Petrol & Diesel Vehicles

Passenger car, SUV models, Pajero, Pajero Sport and Triton 15,000kms or 12 months, whichever occurs first

Hybrid Vehicles

Plug in Hybrid Outlander 15,000kms or 12 months, whichever occurs first

Diamond Advantage Warranty

Every Mitsubishi, excluding PHEV modes, Express van & Triton Huntaway, is backed by a 10 year warranty designed for complete peace of mind: Diamond Advantage. Wherever the road or the track takes you, we’ve got you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions​

The most common questions we get about genuine Mitsubishi Parts. If you’re still unsure you can always contact the team on 04 385 2252

Mitsubishi Genuine Accessories are designed specifically for Mitsubishi vehicles, so unlike aftermarket accessories they are covered by one of the most comprehensive parts warranties available.

When Mitsubishi Genuine Accessories are fitted to your new vehicle at time of delivery they are covered by the Mitsubishi Diamond Advantage Genuine Parts Warranty of 3 year/100,000km. If they are fitted to your new vehicle after purchase they are covered by the remainder of the 3 year/100,000km Warranty. If purchased and fitted by a Mitsubishi technician your Genuine Accessory is covered for 2 years/40,000km.

Mitsubishi Genuine Parts are designed, engineered and manufactured to ensure a perfect fit and optimal performance of your vehicle – ultimately it is the best way to protect your investment.

Non-genuine parts can affect the performance and integrity of your Mitsubishi vehicle. The use of non-genuine parts or non-approved fluids or lubricants may also affect your Diamond Advantage Warranty. Please contact your Mitsubishi dealer for more information

Because they are designed specifically for your new vehicle, when genuine accessories are fitted to your vehicle at the time of delivery they are covered by the Mitsubishi Diamond Advantage Genuine Accessories 3 year/100,000km (whichever occurs first) Warranty.

When Mitsubishi Genuine Parts are fitted to your car at a Mitsubishi dealer by a Mitsubishi trained technician they are covered by a 24 month or 40,000km warranty (whichever occurs first).

Mitsubishi Service

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