Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV

From $49,990+orc

The Best of Both Worlds
Proven Mitsubishi plug-in technology seamlessly brings electric and petrol power together.

Eclipse Cross PHEV surrounds you with smart features that offer comfort and convenience in equal measure.

Get $5,750 rebate on the Eclipse Cross PHEV with the Clean Car Discount

The Clean Car Discount will apply only to new and used vehicles registered in New Zealand for the first time.

To apply, you’ll need a copy of the sales agreement, the vehicle plates number and your bank account details.

Applications for rebates for vehicles registered between 1 July and 31 December 2021 will be accepted until 28 February 2022.

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The Eclipse Cross PHEV Range

Eclipse Cross PHEV XLS 4WD

From $49,990+orc

Eclipse Cross PHEV VRX 4WD

From $57,990+orc

Explore the Hybrid Features

Safety & Security

See the Eclipse Cross PHEV in Action

Proven reliability

Since 2013, Mitsubishi’s Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle technology has provided exceptional reliability and efficiency.

New levels of comfort

In new Eclipse Cross PHEV, new levels of luxury and comfort welcome you.

Eclipse Cross PHEV

From just $49,990+ORC, new Eclipse Cross PHEV is the perfect cross.

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