Pre-Owned Parts

We offer a range or used suspension, mechanical parts, panels and some accessories. Perfect low cost options for your customers, or spares to keep on hand for the family car.

Pre-Owned FAQ

Not sure if used Mitsubishi parts are right for you or your business?

Yes, all general used Mitsubishi parts come with a 3 month warranty as standard.

Engines and manual gearboxes come with a 3 year/5,000km exchange warranty

Automatic & CVT transmissions are pre-tested and come with a 3month/5,000km exchange warranty 

Pre-owned Mitsubishi parts could save you up to 50% compared to buying new. For a full quote on what you need contact us with your VIN or Rego. We’ll let you know the pricing and availability of the parts.

Mitsubishi pre-owned parts are sourced from locally well maintained vehicles including; media vehicles, test & training cars typically from both Australia & New Zealand.

Pre-owned parts are typically stocked for all models made after 2000. For a full list of what’s available you can email us on

If your car was made before 2000 we can always help in sourcing the part you need.

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